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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Program Coordinators

Program Coordinators are available to all VAS students and prospective students to provide information and assistance with educational goals and pathways at VAS. They also provide guidance to students ready to transition on to career and college. Students can arrange a meeting with a Program Coordinator by contacting the front office, or visiting the STC during the Coordinators posted office hours.

Counseling Services

Vista Adult School provides academic, personal and crisis counseling services to students provided by a credentialed counselor. These counseling services are available at no cost to all current students. Students may email the counselor directly or call the front office at 760-758-7122 to set up a counseling appointment during the day or evening hours.

Transition Advisors

Vista Adult School wants students to be successful and meet their academic, career and personal goals. To assist students as they move through programs at VAS and as they transition from adult school to career or college, we have a Transition Advisor available to support students with setting short and long term goals and planning for the future.

Student Transition Center

The STC is located in Room 507 and is open to all current VAS students.

The STC provides many valuable services to help students prepare for their transition goals after adult school, including career and college. The STC is staffed by Program Coordinators and Instructors. Career Services available include assistance with resumes, interviews skills, job search and career exploration. Academic Services available include basic tutoring, assistance with college applications, college financial aid, and academic guidance.

The STC also provides computers, internet access and a place to study.

For information on STC days and hours of operation, visit the STC or contact the office.

Open Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is in Room 201 and open to all current VAS students and is free of charge. To attend the Computer Lab, sign up in the front office. Computers, internet access, typing tutorials and more are available in the lab. Instructors are also available to assist with basic tutoring. Students can work on class assignments, access online courses, study and complete online research.

Students can also use the computers for job/career purposes, link to their child’s school account, manage email and general personal use (pursuant to the Student Use of Technology guidelines as outlined in this handbook). For information on Computer Lab days and hours of operation, contact the office.

Student Discounts

Discounted Breeze & Sprinter Passes

The North County Transit District is pleased to offer Vista Adult School students discounted Breeze & Sprinter passes. Click the button below to learn more.

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