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Being at VAS has opened my eyes to the medical field. From the teachers to the staff, this experience has been great! I’m glad I joined the MA pathway for I have gained lots of knowledge and apply it to my daily life and job.

Angeles F., Medical Assistant Student

Medical Assistant, Clinical, Part B

Registration Fee: $150. (Same book used in Part A).
Training continues in the field of medical assisting and the history of medicine. Students learn medical terminology, pharmacology, medical law and ethics. This course discusses how to assist the physician with minor treatment or diagnostic testing, patient preparation, and use of various supplies and equipment such as electrocardiograph and audiometer. The proper handling of specimens, vital signs, and administering injections, and laboratory procedures will be discussed.
Pre-requisite: Medical Assistant Part A, Patient Service Representative.

040902     M-Th     8 am - 12 pm     11/27-3/8     Niavez     Sunset/105

Medical Terminology - Part B
Registration Fee: $65 (Book required).
This advanced medical terminology course is designed for individuals entering or currently in the medical field who want to expand their medical vocabulary/knowledge. This course has interactive exercises as well as word building, glossary of over 5,000 terms, case studies, medical reports, and correct usage of common medical terms.

041102     F     8:30 - 11:30 am     12/1-3/9     Niavez     Sunset/102

Phlebotomy Technician

Registration Fee: $675 (Book required).
Students will learn how to perform a variety of blood collection methods using proper techniques and precautions. Students will also learn additional responsibilities such as identifying tubes which are transported to a lab to be analyzed, training in infection prevention, proper patient identification, confidentiality requirements, and quality assurance. Upon successfully completing this training, students can test with NCCT/CPT1 exam. This is a California State Certified Training Program. *Specific shots are required before entering the class.
Pre-requisite: Healthcare Essentials.

040401     M     5 - 9 pm,     T     6 - 9 pm &     W    5 - 9 pm      11/27-3/7     Garcia & Westmoreland     Sunset/104

Patient Service Representative/Front Office

Registration Fee: $100 (Book required).
Students will learn how to become part of the care team and be challenged with real-world projects, simulations, specific knowledge and skills needed to work as a Patient Service Representative. Students will acquire skills and knowledge in HI PAA, NDC Medisoft 17, Microsoft Office 2007/2010, keyboarding, internet, email, file management, and medical terminology; learn how to electronically schedule patient appointments, prepare medical records, enter diagnostic and procedure codes, patient charges, payments, print statements and receipts, complete the patient referral process and medical forms. Students must have keyboarding and computer skills to enter this course. Required pre-requisite: Healthcare Essentials.
Coming Soon.

Pharmacy Technician I - Retail

Registration Fee $265 (Books required).
Pharmacy Technician I program was developed to train the student to work in Retail Pharmacy. This 12 week course of 240 hours is required in order to successfully complete this program. Therefore, this exciting, fast paced program covers a variety of topics. Some of those subjects include the History of Pharmacy, Foundations of Pharmaceutical Care, Medical Terminology, Pharmaceutical Abbreviations, Dosage Forms and Administration, Pharmacy Law, Drug Action and Interaction, Medication Errors, Hospital Pharmacy, Advanced Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy, Microbiology, Hands-on Extemporaneous Compounding, Hands-on Sterile I.V. Compounding, Inventory Control, Pharmacy Financial Management, Pharmacy Computer Programming, Insurance Billing, Health Insurance, Anatomy and Physiology of the various body systems, and Pharmaceutical Math.

041300     M-F     8 am - 12 pm     11/27-3/9     Brown     Sunset/103

Anatomy & Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology is a basic course that investigates the structure and function of the human body. Topics covered will include the basic organization of the body; biochemical composition; and major body systems along with the impact of diseases on certain systems. Students will engage in many topics and competencies related to truly understanding the structure and function of the human body. Working from the topics of basic anatomical terminology to the biochemical composition of the human body, all the way into great detail of each of the major systems of the body, students will learn through reading materials, study guides, unit worksheets, group work, and projects.

Anatomy & Physiology-Foundations

Registration Fee: $65 (Book required).
0402.98     Online

Anatomy & Physiology-Systems

Registration Fee: $65 (Same book as Foundations used).
0403.98     Online

Medical Courses

Registration will be handled after you attend a Medical Orientation.

Healthcare Essentials

Registration Fee: $60 (Book required).
This introductory course is a prerequisite for most of the medical programs at Vista Adult School, including Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, Medical Insurance Billing Certificated Programs, and Medical Front Office. The course consists of modules in medical terminology, computer literacy, health and safety, body structures and function, medical math, ethical and legal responsibilities, and success strategies.

0401.04    T/Th    6 - 9 pm    11/28-3/8    Niavez   Sunset/102
0401.03    M/W    6 - 9 pm    11/27-3/7    Niavez   Sunset/102

Paperless Medical Records

Registration Fee: $100 (Book required).
Learn the fundamentals of entering/managing Electronic Health Records (EHR ) on the computer. As of 2014, all medical records went through a mandated conversion to EHR . This course will introduce both Patient Service Representatives and Clinical Medical Assistant students to the field of Electronic Health Records by learning the required steps to Implementation and EHR frame work, content, visit management, problem list/medication list/allergy management, examination entry, vital sign graphs, chart notes, treatment plans, order entry, patient communication documentation, reports, registry, and continuing care of the patient. Students must have intermediate computer skills, be able to type a minimum of 25 wpm and have an email account. Students must attend orientation to register.

Pre-requisite: Patient Service Rep/Front Office.
Coming Soon.

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