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Medical Assistant, Clinical, Part B 
Registration Fee: $135.
(Same book used in Part A).
Training continues in the field of medical assisting and the history of medicine. Students learn medical terminology, pharmacology, medical law and ethics. This course discusses how to assist the physician with minor treatment or diagnostic testing, patient preparation, and use of various supplies and equipment such as electrocardiograph and audiometer. The proper handling of specimens, vital signs, and administering injections, and laboratory procedures will be discussed. Pre-requisite: Medical Assistant Part A, Patient Service Representative.

0409.02        M-Th        5 - 9 pm        3/13-6/8        Niavez        Sunset/105

Phlebotomy Technician
Registration Fee: $600 (Book required).
Students will learn how to perform a variety of blood collection methods using proper techniques and precautions. Students will also learn additional responsibilities such as identifying tubes which are transported to a lab to be analyzed, training in infection prevention, proper patient identification, confidentiality requirements, and quality assurance. Upon successfully completing this training, students can test with NCCT/CPT1 exam. This is a California State Certified Training Program. *Specific shots are required before entering the class. Pre-requisite: Healthcare Essentials.

040401        T/Th        5 - 9 pm        3/14-6/8        Pirkle        Sunset/104

Medical Terminology - Part B 
Registration Fee: $65 (Book required).
This advanced medical terminology course is designed for individuals entering or currently in the medical field who want to expand their medical vocabulary/knowledge. This course has interactive exercises as well as word building, glossary of over 5,000 terms, case studies, medical reports, and correct usage of common medical terms.

041102        F        8:30 - 11:30 am        3/17-6/9        Niavez        Sunset/102

Patient Service Representative 
Registration Fee: $100 (Book required).
Students will learn how to become part of the care team and be challenged with real-world projects, simulations, specific knowledge and skills needed to work as a Patient Service Representative. Students will acquire skills and knowledge in HIPAA, NDC Medisoft 17, Microsoft Office 2007/2010, keyboarding, internet, email, file management, and medical terminology; learn how to electronically schedule patient appointments, prepare medical records, enter diagnostic and procedure codes, patient charges, payments, print statements and receipts, complete the patient referral process and medical forms. Students must have keyboarding and computer skills to enter this course. Required pre-requisite: Healthcare Essentials.

0406.01        T/Th        8 am - 12 pm        3/14-6/8        Parker        Sunset/106

Pharmacy Technician I 
Registration Fee $265 (Books required).
Pharmacy Technicians assist licensed pharmacists to prepare prescription medications; however, the desire to work with people and provide customer service are also an important part of the job. Pharmacy technicians generally are responsible for receiving prescription requests, counting tablets, labeling bottles, and operating the cash register. They may carry out clerical duties within the pharmacy, establish and maintain patient records, and prepare insurance claim forms. Pharmacy technicians not only work in retail settings, but also mail order pharmacies, hospitals, and assisted living facilities. Pharmacy technician jobs offer a variety of flexible work schedules and tasks. Prepares Technicians to Register with the State of California.

041300        M-F        8 am - 12 pm        3/13-6/9        Brown Sunset/103

Medical Coding for the Physician Office 
Registration Fee $100 (Books required).
Coding professionals are in high demand. Coding drives the billing process (and gathers all the statistics) and now with the new ICD-10-CM deadline approaching, more codes are now needed to comply with greater accuracy than ever before. The technical skill and knowledge creates great job opportunities and income. You will study medical terminology, coding theory and protocols, coding practicum, coding medical charts, ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, HCPCS, and CPT codebooks. Pre-requisite: Completion of Medical Insurance Billing or verifiable work experience. Students must have typing speed of 25 wpm and computer skills.

0412.03        M/W        5 - 9 pm        3/13-6/9        Parker        Sunset/106
                      F Online Lab

Anatomy & Physiology Foundations
Registration Fee $65 (Book required/Same book used in A&P Foundations).

In this introductory course, students will examine the many systems of the body: digestive, urinary, skeletal, cardiovascular, nervous, reproductive, lymphatic, respiratory, endocrine, integumentary, sensory, neurological and muscular. Related studies of the body systems will include common forms, diseases, medical codes and prescription drugs that correlate to diseases and anatomy functions. 

040298         Online        3/13-6/10        Parker

Missed the Medical Orientation? Enroll in this class to get started in our medical programs:

Career Development for the Medical Professional 
Registration Fee: $25.
Do you want to explore a career in healthcare and develop your professional skills? Then this 5-week course is for you! During this introductory course you will acquire the skills necessary to select the appropriate healthcare career pathway, and build the necessary essential skills and strategies required to successfully complete your courses along with an in-depth look at the various career pathways. No medical orientation required.

040999        Online        4/24-6/3        Parker

Medical Orientations not required for the following class:

Medical Math 
Registration Fee: $25.
This course provides an introduction to medical math for the healthcare worker. Students will explore basic math and the three systems of measurement used to calculate dosages administered orally and intramuscular. This online course will also provide the tools for students to use critical thinking skills and arithmetic to understand medication orders and use equipment for preparation, administration, and labeling of medications. This non-credit course is intended for individuals entering health care or incumbent health care workers. No medical orientation required.

040214        Online        4/3-5/6        Parker

Medical Courses

Registration will be handled after you attend a Medical Orientation.

Healthcare Essentials 
Registration Fee: $60 (Book required).
This introductory course is a prerequisite for most of the medical programs at Vista Adult School, including Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, Medical Insurance Billing Certificated Programs, and Medical Front Office. The course consists of modules in medical terminology, computer literacy, health and safety, body structures and function, medical math, ethical and legal responsibilities, and success strategies.

0401.02        M/W        8:30 - 11:30 am        3/13-6/7       Niavez        Sunset/102
0401.01        T/Th        8:30 - 11:30 am        3/14-6/8        Niavez Sunset/102
0401.03        T/Th        6 - 9 pm        3/14-6/8        Parker        Sunset/102

Paperless Medical Records 
Registration Fee: $100 (Book required).
Learn the fundamentals of entering/managing Electronic Health Records (EHR) on the computer. As of 2014, all medical records went through a mandated conversion to EHR. This course will introduce both Patient Service Representatives and Clinical Medical Assistant students to the field of Electronic Health Records by learning the required steps to Implementation and EHR frame work, content, visit management, problem list/medication list/allergy management, examination entry, vital sign graphs, chart notes, treatment plans, order entry, patient communication documentation, reports, registry, and continuing care of the patient. Students must have intermediate computer skills, be able to type a minimum of 25 wpm and have an email account. Students must attend orientation to register. Pre-requisite: Patient Service Rep/Medical Front Office.

040701        Online        3/13-6/10        Parker​

Are you ready to get started on your new MEDICAL CAREER?

​Get started by attending an orientation to get all the information you need on prerequisites, book costs and schedules. To be eligible to participate in any of Vista Adult School’s Medical Programs and courses, you must first attend an orientation!

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