Hardware Essentials

This module covers the knowledge of basic computer hardware and operating systems, covering skills such as installation, building, upgrading, repairing, configuring, troubleshooting, optimizing, diagnosing and preventive maintenance, with additional elements of security and soft skills. The student is taught the basic skills needed by any entry-level technician regardless of job environment. Computer skills taught relate to the computer technician position. In addition, principles of Skills for Workplace Success will be reviewed.

Operating Systems

This module covers the fundamentals of the Windows family of operating systems. Students will be taught installation, configuration and upgrading of Windows, as well as performing various optimization, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting tasks. The student will be introduced to Windows networking and security, printing fundamentals in addition to safety and environmental concerns. Career skills and computer skills taught relate to the computer technician position. In addition, principles of Skills for Workplace Success will be reviewed.

060171        M/W        5:30 - 9 pm        3/13-6/7        Ripa        Sunset/404

N+ Certification Preparation Course
Fee: $160 (Book required.) (Does not include Certification Testing Fee.)
Fast Track your way to N+ Certification!

The Network + is an ISO-17024 compliant, vendor-neutral technology certification that verifies the certified individual has the skills and knowledge needed to take on a pivotal role in building, managing, and protecting the critical asset that is the data network. This course is designed to provide network technicians and support staff with the foundation level skills they need to install, operate, manage, maintain, and troubleshoot a network. This course will help prepare students for the CompTI A Network+ certification exam. A+ course completion or equivalent experience recommended.

062201        T/Th        5:30 - 9 pm        3/14-6/8        Ripa        Sunset/404

Fall Session begins August 21, 2017

Education to Career Network

​Fast Track your way to A+, S+, N+ Certification!

Our action packed modular designed courses are designed to assist students in preparing for their CompTIA certifications in A+, Network+, and Security+. These top three certifications are what most employers look for during the hiring process. 

​Instructor Bio:  Mr. Jeff Ripa has spent the past 18 years in the information technology field both as a business owner of two PC Service Centers and as a platform instructor for several local colleges.​

Information Technology Courses

My experience at VAS has been very worthwhile. Taking both A+ and S+ classes has substantially increased my level of understanding of newer concepts and reinforced many previously encountered topics and procedures. Instructor Jeff Ripa brings a level of direct knowledge and experience that he uses to highlight the relevance of each topic and concept in a very open and relatable fashion. The curriculum is very well organized and presented in an interesting and engaging way. My goal of refreshing and expanding my current level of proficiencies is well underway, and I anticipate the successful certification process in the very near future.

Thomas T. - A+ Information Technology Preparation Course Student

​A+ Information Technology Preparation Course

Fee: $125 Registration Fee
(Book required.)
​(Does not include Certification Testing Fee.)

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