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I love the Professional Baking classes; they are the highlight of my week! Learning from such a talented and passionate teacher makes this class fun and exciting. Working together as a team in the kitchen also makes for great new friendships.

Caela B., Professional Baking & Patisserie Arts Student

Mastering Technique

The secret to cooking well doesn't lie in knowing a ton of recipes. Cooking well relies on time tested techniques passed down from generation to generation of cooks. Join Executive Chef Arleen Lloyd for the series geared towards mastering the techniques that will make you the best cook you can be.

Mother Sauces

Fee: $55
Sauce making has a reputation for being a difficult art, but it really only requires a few basic methods and techniques. Learn the fundamentals necessary to creating the most delectable sauces from tomato to hollandaise in this hands on class dedicated to transforming an everyday meal into a special occasion feast! Please wear closed toe shoes, bring an apron, and containers to carry your creations home.

0620.01     Saturday    9 am - 12 pm    8/26    Lloyd    VHS/Panther Café

Advanced Sauces

Fee: $55
In this class you will learn how to create more advanced sauces from the foundation of mother sauces. This class requires prior registration in The Mother Sauces. This is an advanced class and is not meant those without knowledge of the Mother Sauces. Please wear closed toe shoes, bring an apron, and containers to carry your creations home.

0620.02    Saturday    9 am - 12 pm    9/9    Lloyd    VHS/Panther Café

Kitchen Know How

Fee: $55
The kitchen is a mighty place and there is so much to know. In this class you will learn what equipment you need, how to stock your pantry, what use by - sell by and best by dates mean, what organic is and when you should buy it, how to properly store food, how to keep your family safe from food borne illnesses, what the different cooking methods are and when to use them. Bring a pen and notebook. Lecture class, no cooking.

0620.03     Saturday    9 am - 12 pm    9/16    Lloyd     Sunset/304

Fresh Cheese from Scratch

Fee: $55
Explore the science of cheese and cheese making. You'll make two different fresh, soft cheeses; ricotta, and mozzarella. Each of these cheeses can be made with a minimum of equipment (and effort) in your home and once you've tasted "fresh" you'll never go back to store bought. Please wear closed toe shoes, bring an apron, and containers to carry your creations home.

0620.04     Saturday     9 am - 12 pm     9/23     Lloyd     VHS/Panther Café

The World of Cheese – A Tasting

Fee: $55
Join Executive Chef Arleen Lloyd as she introduces you to cheese, from the staples to the artisan, you’ll taste, smell and enjoy a wonderful array of today's most popular and a few of the oldest. You'll need your curiosity, a hearty appetite, and a sense of adventure as we travel through the world of cheese. Do not eat or drink any strong substances prior to class to allow for the optimal tasting experience.

0620.05     Saturday     9 am - 12 pm     9/30     Lloyd     Sunset/MPR

The Charcuterie Plate - A Tasting

Fee: $55
Taken from the term cuiseur de chair, meaning "cooker of meat," charcuterie has been considered a French culinary art at least since the 15th century. It refers to the products, particularly (but not limited to) pork specialties such as PÂTÉS, RILL ETTES, GALANTIN ES, CRÉPIN ETTES, etc., which are made and sold in a delicatessen-style shop, also called a charcuterie. Join Executive Chef Arleen Lloyd in a gastronomic adventure exploring the world of charcuterie and all of its possibilities. This is a tasting event geared towards educating your palate to the nuances of flavor and the richness of life. Come hungry and do not eat or drink any strong substances prior to class to allow for an optimal tasting experience.

0620.06     Saturday     9 am - 12 pm    10/14    Lloyd     Sunset/MPR

Basics of High Acid Canning

Fee: $55
There is no better way to preserve the wonderful flavors of our harvest than through canning. Join Executive Chef Arleen Lloyd as she teaches you the proper way to prepare and can the magnificent bounty of our local farms. You will need to wear comfortable closed toe shoes, bring an apron, 3 dish towels and a bag to carry your creations home.

0620.07     Saturday    9 am - 12 pm     10/21     Lloyd     VHS/Panther Café

The French Macaron

Fee: $55
This delicate meringue and almond based confection is a wonder to behold. We dare you to eat just one and only one! Served simply alone or as a sandwich filled with ganache, buttercream or jam, a macaron is that which dreams are made. Join Executive Chef Arleen Lloyd for a morning of macaron madness. You'll learn how to make and color the dough, what the flavorings and the fillings are and how to store them even if it is only for a moment. Please wear closed toe shoes, bring an apron, cookie sheet with sides and containers to carry your creations home.

0620.08     Saturday     9 am - 12 pm     10/28     Lloyd     VHS/Panther Café

The World of Chocolate

Fee: $55
You can never have too much chocolate! Indulge your senses as you learn the fundamentals of chocolate: how they are different and what makes "good" chocolate. Then learn how to make basic truffles. Do not eat or drink any strong substances prior to class to allow for the optimal tasting experience. Please wear closed toe shoes, bring an apron and containers to take your chocolate goodies home.

0620.09     Saturday     9 am - 12 pm    11/4     Lloyd     VHS/Panther Café

ServSafe Training and Certification

Registration Fee: $150
ServSafe is a mandated certification program geared towards achieving the highest level of training and expertise in the food industry for food managers, caters and those who run food based businesses. The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification is nationally recognized and accredited. ServSafe's Food Protection Manager Certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) - Conference for Food Protection (CFP).

061215     M     9 am - 4 pm     9/25     Lloyd     Sunset/403

Chef Arleen Lloyd

Executive Chef Arleen Lloyd has been in love with cooking since she was 5 years old. Her fascination with creating culinary magic with a few basic ingredients is the inspiration for this lifelong love affair. Having trained under notable chefs such as Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Paul Prudhomme, Nancy Silverton, along with several European chefs with Michelin star credentials, Arleen’s culinary range includes the cuisines of many cultures, as well as the fine art of baking, patisserie and the chocolate arts. Arleen’s experience touches all sides of the industry. She owned a catering company with retail and wholesale divisions in Miami, FL, where she catered extravagant events for corporate clients and supplied restaurants with specialty baked goods. She has cooked and taught throughout the world and her travels are always an exploration into the nuances of cultural cooking; the how, the why and the joy of sharing local food. She is a cookbook author, business consultant and has served on an advisory board for Kraft Foods developing new products for the marketplace.

Arleen is currently the Executive Chef of Alchemy of the Hearth Culinary School, training those who possess a passion to pursue a career within the food industry at all levels. Her years of experience creating delectable foods which nurture the mind, body and spirit emphasize her philosophy that cooking and baking are a meditation on all that is sacred.

Professional Culinary I

Registration Fee: $250 (Book and materials required.)
This course is designed to prepare students for entry level positions in the exciting world of Culinary Arts and is a pre-requisite to Culinary II . Students will learn Food Safety, Sanitation, Menu and Nutrition, Knife Skills, Moist and Dry Heat Cooking Principles, Seasoning and Flavoring, Breakfast and Egg Cookery, Stocks and Soups, Sauces, Salads, Salad Dressings and Sandwiches. Required textbook: Professional Cooking 8th edition Wayne Gisslen.

061210    T/Th    5:30 - 9 pm    8/22-11/9    Lloyd    VHS/Panther Café

Professional Baking & Patisserie Theory & Foundation

Registration Fee: $50 (Book recommended.)
This course is highly recommended for those who wish to pursue a professional baking career. The class is structured to provide an in-depth understanding of the principles of baking, including: theory and science, methods and techniques, ingredients, baking math, food safety, sanitation, equipment and how to get a job in the industry. Lecture only, no baking.

061221    M/W     6 - 9 pm     8/21-9/27     Lloyd     Sunset/403

Continue this pathway with Professional Baking & Patisserie Arts I which will be offered in the Winter.

Profiles of Flavor

Registration Fee: $50

Our taste buds can perceive only four basic tastes: salty, sour, bitter, sweet. The secret to cooking well lies in the knowledge of how to make these four flavor profiles come together in harmony. Then, there is the fifth element - umami, whose sole purpose is to fill your mouth with savory delight. Learning to recognize, as well as, manipulate these flavor profiles will enhance your cooking abilities exponentially. Join executive chef Arleen Lloyd for this exploration into flavors and find out what each has to offer and how they affect us and our food in different ways.

Lecture only, no cooking.

061219     M/W      6 - 9 pm      10/2-11/8       Lloyd      Sunset/403

Do you have a passion for working with food like no one else? Do you crave an opportunity in the culinary, restaurant, or hospitality industry? Well, here is the recipe for success—a career in Culinary Arts! Our program is designed to prepare students for exciting careers in one of San Diego County's most in demand industries –Culinary and Hospitality!

Opportunities include Chef, Prep Cook, Kitchen Manger, Hospital Food Services, Wait Staff, and much more. We offer a fun, exhilarating, and intense program where students have the opportunity to learn not only the fundamentals of cooking but more advanced techniques as well. Our multi-level program combines preparation, food safety, and business management skills, and it is taught by experienced chefs.

Program is located in the state of the art Industrial Kitchen at Vista High School.

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Culinary Program Classes

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