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Computer Basics Level 2

Registration Fee: $30 (Materials Required)
This course was designed for students who already have a working knowledge on a PC but would like to know more about some of its special features either because they need to learn additional skills for their job or to generally expand their skills. This class is for the adult who needs to learn at a slower rate. The primary purpose is to help you master the basic skills and then to advance you to gain the confidence to create visually appealing documents such as newsletters, tables, or special invitations. In addition, it will be helping you move further along what you need to know about word processing including mail merge, using WordArt, and pictures as well as creating and editing different types of files. If time allows, you will also explore creating a budget in Microsoft Excel.

061702    T     1 - 4 pm   8/22-11/7    Wallner   Sunset/203

Microsoft Office - Spanish - Clase de Computación


Registration Fee: $25
This Saturday course, presented in Spanish, will teach you computer basics and computer terminology. The course covers an introduction to Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint, internet, email, attachments, and how to save and retrieve your projects. The projects include letters, flyers, spreadsheets, slide show presentations and more. The class is fun and will teach you skills similar to those you will be able to use for work and personal use.

Cuota de registracion: $25. El curso le enseñará los componentes básicos de la computadora y terminología básica de computación. El curso cubre introducción a los programas de Microsoft Office: Word, Excel y PowerPoint, y uso de internet, correo electrónico y adjuntos, y como archivar sus proyectos. Los proyectos incluyen cartas, volantes, hojas de cálculo, presentaciones y más. La clase es divertida y le enseñará habilidades similares a los que se puedan usar en el trabajo y personal.

060342    Sábado    9 am - 12 pm   26 de agosto - 4 de noviembre    Schulthess   Sunset/202

Microsoft Office Basics

Registration Fee: $25
This course is a basic introduction to the applications of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in a Microsoft environment. You will learn the basics of creating a Word document, an introduction to the power of Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint for creating presentations.

060939   M/W     6 - 9 pm   10/2-11/8 S   Schulthess   Sunset/202

Microsoft Word Intermediate

Registration Fee: $25
This is a comprehensive course providing real life, business, and office skills in Microsoft Word. Through the use of personal computers students will use Word to create business letters, professional documents, and reports. In addition, they will learn navigating around Word, formatting, printing, creating tables and forms, and an introduction to applying fields.
Pre-requisite: Must type 20 wpm   and have a basic understanding of computers.

060930   T/Th     9 am - 12 pm      8/22-9/28     Enriquez   Sunset/201
060925   M/W     6 - 9 pm              8/21-9/27     Enriquez   Sunset/201

Microsoft Word Advanced

Registration Fee: $25
In this fast paced, business oriented class we will expand your use of MS Word to advanced complex documents which include: Hyperlinks, columnar documents, prepare a mail merge efficiently and utilize for multiple operations, endnotes, templates, layout techniques, and working with pictures and illustrations. You will create specialized current documents proficiently and effectively which will prepare you for a professional position.
Pre-requisite: Computers 1, Word Intermediate or equivalent.

060123   M/W     9 am - 12 pm   8/21-9/27    Enriquez   Sunset/201

Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Registration Fee: $25

This is a comprehensive course providing real life, business, and office skills in Microsoft Excel. Through the use of personal computers students will use Excel to enter information, cut, copy and paste information, format worksheets, create spreadsheets, produce charts and graphs, work with formulas, explore relative, mixed and absolute references, produce financial reports, and print workbooks. Pre-requisite: Must have a basic understanding of computers and file management.

060926   T/Th     9 am - 12 pm   10/3-11/9            Enriquez   Sunset/201
060927   M/W     6 - 9 pm           10/2-11/8 E        Enriquez   Sunset/201

Microsoft Excel Advanced

Registration Fee: $25
In this fast paced, business oriented class we will expand your use of MS Excel to advanced complex spreadsheets which consist of utilizing tables, sorting and filtering data, linking spreadsheets, hyperlinks, complex formulas, financial worksheets graphics and protecting worksheets. This course will prepare students for successful completion of QuickBooks and accounting coursework. Excel is mandatory in most job descriptions so come learn from the pros and be job ready in 6 Weeks.
Pre-requisite: Computers 1, Excel Intermediate or equivalent.

060130   M/W     9 am - 12 pm   10/2-11/8    Enriquez   Sunset/201

Property Management

Registration and Materials Fee: $80
Our Property Management course provides students with the knowledge and training to obtain an entry-level multi housing management position. In addition, this course is designed to upgrade the knowledge and skills of anyone who owns, markets, and manages their own income producing property. (No book, materials included in class fee). Teacher's Bio: I have been in the Apartment Management industry for more than 20 years. In 2000 I was awarded the Accredited Residential Manager Title, and in 2002 I received my Vocational Teacher Credentials, which I used to teach property management at Vista Adult School for more than 13 years. I have received a number of awards and certificates during my career, but these two are the ones that I consider my greatest accomplishments thus far.

0409011   T/Th     6 - 9 pm   8/22-11/9    Villagrana   Sunset/301

Conversational Spanish 1B

Registration Fee: $50 (Same book used from 1A)
This is the second half of a beginning level 1 course in conversational Spanish. It focuses on casual oral communication and useful daily conversation. You will also learn the basics in grammar, present and past tense verb conjugation, how to ask questions, vocabulary, and idioms.

063202   T/Th     6 - 9 pm   8/22-11/9    Enriquez   Sunset/403


Registration Fee: $25
If you want to master the keyboard, but have not done so yet, this is the course for you. Keyboarding skills are a must have for personal use and career development; or just for fun. This course focuses on helping students gain data entry skills, accuracy, speed, and correct use of keyboarding techniques.

060937   M/W     6 - 9 pm    8/21-9/27    Schulthess   Sunset/202

Computer Basics Level 1

Registration Fee: $30 (Materials Required)
This course is specifically designed and developed to meet the needs of adults who need to learn technology at a slower rate. You will be introduced to learning basic techniques of computers usage from discovering how to start up the machine, operate the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and printer. You will learn how to use Windows operating system, Microsoft Word, how to create, edit and save useful documents. We will also cover Internet search tips and how to send emails and attachments, and ways to keep your computer virus free. This is a very practical course directed to beginning computer users and what they need to know.

061701    Th     1 - 4 pm   8/24-11/9    Wallner   Sunset/203

Typing Tests

Fee: $15

All tests are held at the Sunset Campus

  • Mondays Arrive at 1 pm
    Test starts promptly at 1:30 pm
  • Tuesdays Arrive at 5:30 pm
    Test starts promptly at 6 pm
  • Wednesdays Arrive at 5:30 pm
    Test starts promptly at 6 pm
  • Thursdays Arrive at 1 pm
    Test starts promptly at 1:30 pm
  • Fridays Tests are given on the hour from 9 am - 2 pm

Call to inquire about the typing test schedule during orientations, holidays and breaks.

We offer a streamlined curriculum to a well rounded training program whether you are changing careers, reentering the work force or wish to become employed in your first professional position. You will be trained in the Principals of Business, Computer Operations, Bookkeeping, Computerized Accounting and much more!

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