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I am extremely satisfied with my accounting and computer class instructor, Marypat Lee. Since taking her classes, I have improved my skills at my workplace and been able to take on new assignments with ease and professionalism.

Lorraine C., Accounting Student


Join our Professional Business Program and become job ready in our specialized fast pace classes where “Your Success ” is our bottom line!

Whether you are changing careers, reentering the work force, or wish to become employed in your first professional position, this is the program for you. You will be trained to utilize the computer as the tool it is meant to be, and be given an important perspective of Accounting for Business. You will study terminology, which is the language of business, principals and processes that occur in the Accounting Cycle for a Proprietorship (Level 1) and for a Corporation (Level 2) as well as an overview of QuickBooks that will allow you to work on basically all computer based Accounting programs.

This Certificated Program will provide the necessary training to prepare you for a variety of entry level financial positions such as; Administrative Assistant, Office Assistant, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables/
Billing, and Payroll.

Fundamentals of Accounting 2

Registration Fee: $50. (Same book used in Accounting 1)
This course will emphasize the manual double-entry bookkeeping cycles for A/P, A/R and Payroll as well as creating an End of Year Worksheet to determine adjustments and closing entries. We will utilize Excel to complete and create spreadsheets to do analysis of the business’s progress through the accounting cycle. This is a NEW concept and will incorporate Excel as the tool as it is used in an actual business environment. (Continues in the same book as Level 1).
Pre-requisite: Intermediate Level Excel, Fundamentals of Accounting 1

040914    M (Class Lecture)    6 - 9 pm    8/21-11/6    Krishnadithya    Sunset/204
                 W (Lab/Online)       6 - 9 pm    8/23-11/8    Krishnadithya    Sunset/204

Computerized Accounting (QuickBooks)

Fee: $60 (Book required).
Students will learn how to apply accounting practices and concepts and business transactions using accounting software (QuickBooks) through the use of a simulated business. Students will be trained in entering transactions, making corrections, creating and analyzing fiscal reports, creating and comparing financial statements, creating and managing files, payroll calculations, and end-of-year adjustments.

061001    T/Th    9 am - 12 pm    8/22-11/9    Wallner    Sunset/204