Do you have a passion, talent or interest that you have developed over the years that could be turned into a Community Ed class? Would you enjoy teaching a Community Ed class? 

Vista Adult School is always looking for unique, fun and educational classes to share with our community! Almost any topic can be developed into a class. 

Class ideas might include:

  • ​Start Your Engine—Basic Auto Maintenance

  • Conversational Spanish

  • Xeriscape—Low Water Landscaping

  • And more...

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Body, Mind & Spirit

Brain Fit!!

Registration Fee: $30.
Most New Year’s resolutions focus on physical fitness. However, what about Brain Fitness?!

Resolve to do more for yourself this New Year - GET Brain Fit. This class is for: healthy adults and or adults concerned about mild cognitive impairment individuals who work with adults with memory issues anyone worried about a loved one’s memory.

Brain health is the number one concern for many, especially as the baby boomer generation ages. Come learn about strategies and modifiable risk factors that are highly correlated to brain health. We will address lifestyle factors that can improve brain abilities through the building up of cognitive reserve. We will review cutting edge research about brain health and neuroplasticity, and how putting the results in simple, usable actions that can improve our brain health. This class will provide valuable resources, information, and fun brain exercises!

Susan Wingate, has been a clinical social worker for 24 years in the field of child welfare and adoption. In the last five years, her professional development and education shifted to dementia and brain health when a family member was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She currently provides cognitive enhancement therapy to individuals with mild cognitive impairment and mild dementia.

770647     W     6 - 8 pm     1/24 - 1/31     Sunset/403     Wingate

Western Holistic Reiki I/II

Registration Fee: $75.
This class is for the new Reiki student as well as the more advanced Reiki student continuing from level I. We will explore the healing arts of Reiki in the method of Western Holistic Reiki. Over 12 weeks you will learn how to practice medication, self-healing, as well as the process of using Reiki’s “Healing Hand Positions” on others. Discover how to nurture relationships, and foster health, happiness and wellbeing, all from a holistic, everything is connected, prospective. Please note: this course is the equivalent of Reiki levels I & II.

7702.00     Th     6:30 - 8:30 pm     11/30-3/8     Sunset/108     Redgewell

Meditation Registration

Fee: $55.
If the word “meditation” brings to mind images of sitting cross legged, eyes closed, and chanting in a cloud of thick smelling incense, then this course in meditation will paint you a very different picture. Learn modern, effective, and fast techniques in objective and subjective meditation. These techniques will help relax the body and calm the mind while being introduced to the practice of analytical meditation to help with stress and anxiety for emotional peace.

7702.07     T      6:30 - 8 pm     11/28 -3/6     Sunset/108     Redgewell

Self Hypnosis for Beginners Registration

Fee: $40.
Unlock the potential of your mind with self-hypnosis. The human brain is the center of everything we do and we can use its power to our advantage. Through self-hypnosis we can learn how to become more confident, self-motivated, and increase self-esteem. We can control pain and stress, as well as manage or teach ourselves how to change bad habits into good ones. Also, we can increase performance and reduce anxiety or fears. Join instructor Tim Redgewell DipHyp, DipHT in an informative, calming, journey into the sub-conscious mind and discover how it influences our behaviors and decision making in everyday life. Learn how to construct and compose your own hypnotic script to help you achieve your personal goals and live a happier, healthier life! Tim Redgewell DipHyp, DipHT is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner and teacher for over 10 years. In addition, Tim is a professional hypnotist, complementary therapist and holistic therapist and counselor. Find out more about Tim Redgewell online at

770642     W     6:30 - 8 pm     1/31-3/7     Sunset/105     Redgewell

Clear Your Clutter Registration

Fee: $30.
Clutter is anything that no longer serves you and stands in the way of you being the person that you want to be or doing the things that you want to do! Do you want to clear the clutter in your life and free yourself to be your best while freeing up time to do the things that really matter? Would you like to get and stay organized? In this class we will identify your organization needs and how to overcome the roadblocks to clearing clutter. You will learn skills and systems for managing your paper and possessions.

Marguerite Smith is a residential organizer and owner of Aim to Organize, LLC. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and is active in the San Diego Chapter. Marguerite has years of teaching experiences. She works with her clients, side-by-side to teach them the skills necessary for getting and staying organized.

770800     Sat     9 - 10:30 am      1/20-2/10     Sunset/403     Smith

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