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Physical Fitness for Active Seniors

Fit for Life - Senior Beginner

Registration Fee: $55
There is nothing better than seeing our bodies change as we get stronger, more flexible, and balanced. Fit for Life will provide you with the fitness sessions and support you need to succeed. Join us to see what you and your body have been missing. Please bring weights, mat and water.

7701.06     T/Th    9:45 - 10:45 am    11/28-3/8    Stewart    Sunset/MPR

Strong & Flexible - Senior Beginner Plus

Registration Fee: $55
Can’t decide where to start? Strong and Flexible is the beginning road to fitness, and will provide you with the foundation you need to build a healthier life! In this class, you will become an expert on proper form, coordination, and flexibility. It's surprising how fast your body will respond to some good hard work! Please bring weights, mat and water.

7701.07    T/Th    8:30 - 9:30 am    11/28-3/8     Stewart    Sunset/MPR

Prime Time - Senior Intermediate

Registration Fee: $55
We cannot stop the aging process, but we can slow it way down. This is the perfect class to experience results quickly and actually enjoying the process. Joints more flexible, blood pressure dives, and muscles so happy they’ll thank you! Please bring weights, mat and water.

7701.10    M/W    9 - 10:15 am    11/27-3/7    Stewart    Sunset/MPR

Computer Basics Level 1

Registration Fee: $30 (Materials required)
This course is specifically designed and developed to meet the needs of adults who need to learn technology at a slower rate. You will be introduced to learning basic techniques of computers usage from discovering how to start up the machine, operate the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and printer. You will learn how to use Windows operating system,Microsoft Word 2010, how to create, edit and save useful documents.

We will also cover Internet search tips and how to send emails and attachments, and ways to keep your computer virus free. This is a very practical course directed to beginning computer users and what they need to know.

061701     Th     1 - 4 pm     11/30-3/8     Wallner     Sunset/204

Computer Basics Level 2

Registration Fee: $30 (Materials required)
This course was designed for students who already have a working knowledge on a PC but would like to know more about some of its special features either because they need to learn additional skills for their job or to generally expand their skills. This class is for the adult who needs to learn at a slower rate. The primary purpose is to help you master the basic skills and then to advance you to gain the confidence to create visually appealing documents such as newsletters, tables, or special invitations. In addition, it will be helping you move further along what you need to know about word processing including mail merge, using WordArt, and pictures as well as creating and editing different types of files. If time allows, you will also explore creating a budget in Microsoft Excel.

061702     T     1 - 4 pm     11/28-3/6     Wallner     Sunset/204

Never stop learning!  That's our philosophy here at Vista Adult School.  These classes are designed for active seniors who want to enjoy all life has to offer.  Expand your horizons!  Get in shape!  Have fun!

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